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Can a Russian explain what's going on bere? Anonymous  23/08/23 Срд 22:11:52 119640 Ответ
Oil pool Russia.mp4 16346Кб, 1280x720, 00:01:38
Can a Russian explain what's going on bere?
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Anonymous  27/08/23 Вск 19:47:31 119771
for me is also good as you say

because sorry but I am not a specialist on random sorts of shit and how them differentiate in classes etc
Anonymous  28/08/23 Пнд 00:27:20 119775
Sovietprisoners[...].jpg 197Кб, 1200x755
Tuchola1919.jpg 62Кб, 650x467
Tuchola(WorldWa[...].jpg 374Кб, 800x522
Tuchola1919russ[...].jpg 181Кб, 672x476

Scared of what? Your prehistoric stalin era tanks?
Your army is a joke vs NATO.
Anonymous  28/08/23 Пнд 13:15:03 119807
m2-50-caliber-m[...].jpg 121Кб, 1200x800
Без названия.jpeg 7Кб, 333x151
>Your prehistoric stalin era tanks?
Military bloc with Wilson-ara machineguns and Eisenhower-era bombers.
Russia and NATO have to kiss, they are star-crossed lovers.
Anonymous  31/08/23 Чтв 07:32:34 119889
>>119640 (OP)
Goo ol swimming in mazut. Foreigninggers wound'nt understand.
Anonymous  31/08/23 Чтв 08:15:50 119890
I know, he is dead, oil destroid his organism and he has big problem of healthy. Charld Darvin named it the netures selected.
Happening on Hawaii is scary... Anonymous  28/08/23 Пнд 08:22:38 119797 Ответ
hawaii.mp4 16453Кб, 480x698, 00:04:51
Happening on Hawaii is scary...
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Anonymous  30/08/23 Срд 09:25:23 119849
>>119797 (OP)
Гори, мятежны дух, гори!
Что может быть прекрасней?
Ведь без ошибок и любви
Мы ставим крест на счастье...
Anonymous  30/08/23 Срд 10:40:36 119864
>>119797 (OP)
Murrica sucked against, carfaggots sucked hard. Well never gets old to watch goo ol murica burning.
Anonymous  30/08/23 Срд 13:32:14 119869
take a shit.jpg 108Кб, 1080x1069
Anonymous  30/08/23 Срд 14:12:54 119873
>>119797 (OP)
USA lives rent free on Russian minds like Putin lives rent free on Ukrainian minds.
Anonymous  30/08/23 Срд 20:38:10 119881
Всем похуй. Ешь хуй.
Russia is essentially a medieval or late roman empire history book event. The leader of the mercena Anonymous  25/06/23 Вск 13:36:25 116208 Ответ
Byzantine.png 1386Кб, 1054x758
Russia is essentially a medieval or late roman empire history book event.

The leader of the mercenaries takes advantage of the monarch's vulnerability, march on the capital in a show of power with almost nothing standing in the way. The emperor can do nothing, but lower his head and offer pardon and other promises.
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Anonymous  29/08/23 Втр 00:24:21 119827
>>116208 (OP)
>Russia is essentially a medieval or late roman empire history book event.
Well, we style ourselves as successors of Byzanthium with all byzanthium shit, which was in fact Rome with all roman shit like political assasinations and military commanders going rogue, but with no old roman legions and only half of land. So gotta get this kind of events.
Also we are successors of the Great Horde and vikings, so gotta steal your danish cattle and loot your monasteries one day.
Anonymous  29/08/23 Втр 10:50:24 119839
I hope putin will live long life and be President for next 20 years or so.
Anonymous  30/08/23 Срд 09:23:58 119848
Двачую. Назло всем хочу чтоб Путин жил КаК можно дальше и правил как можно дальше. Всё равно ни-ху-я не изменится
Anonymous  30/08/23 Срд 09:58:50 119858
Even after his death I'm sure we, good russians, can find a way to him to be president. Like digital president or neuro-machine.
Anonymous  30/08/23 Срд 10:21:19 119862
Видел нейросеть Жириновского? Путин проживёт ещё лет 10 минимум. За это время мы продвинемся в этом плане на столько, что думаю, что будем сканировать мозг полностью и заливать сознание оттуда в машину компьютерную.
I am warning you Russia and Ukraine. Stop fighting or i will have to get involved. &gt;Norway could Anonymous  24/08/23 Чтв 10:29:51 119653 Ответ
539YfPq.jpg 763Кб, 3456x3168
I am warning you Russia and Ukraine. Stop fighting or i will have to get involved.

>Norway couldn't singlehandedly-destroy Russia and Ukraine in a week

TOP KEK SLAVSHIT!!! Oh believe you me, us Norwegians are ITCHING for a war with Russia and Ukraine. We will fucking ANNIHILATE your dirty countries. There wouldn't be a square meter of Slavic soil that has running water, electricity, or petrol that isn't on fire, once our airforce and navy is done bombarding your defenseless country. Then, our army boys (we'd send the niggers and other mongrel races first) would swoop in, raping your women, and killing EVERY SLAVshit they see. When Norway's done with you, we will have committed acts of genocide. Of course no one is gonna do shit about it
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Anonymous  26/08/23 Суб 17:11:13 119732
16930580948550.mp4 17082Кб, 960x540, 00:00:29
largeukrainianr[...].jpg 58Кб, 1280x853
16924781782940.jpg 689Кб, 859x1280
Anonymous  27/08/23 Вск 15:00:17 119753
Thanks for the Milchakov vid.
Another evidence of ruzzo-nazis crimes which they commited since 2014.
Anonymous  27/08/23 Вск 15:01:51 119754
16498924393730.jpg 27Кб, 698x392
Anonymous  28/08/23 Пнд 08:20:02 119796
лето.jpg 450Кб, 1270x1280
Retard does not know MIlchakov has never denied removing filth like you from Earth.
Anonymous  30/08/23 Срд 09:26:26 119850
>>119653 (OP)
Как же у тебя горит, маленький сладенький маняшиз... Мхмхмх
How is the paperwork going? You are probably already moving your critical equipment out of Petsamo a Anonymous  23/08/23 Срд 22:53:22 119641 Ответ
126A8210-D70A-4[...].jpeg 72Кб, 828x564
How is the paperwork going? You are probably already moving your critical equipment out of Petsamo and Karelia?
Anonymous  24/08/23 Чтв 13:58:16 119659
>>119641 (OP)
The Chukhonians should leave Sortaval Kurkieki.

"This is not a Finnish city": the head of Karelia proposed to rename Sortavala to Serdobol

The head of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov made a proposal to return the historical names of the settlements of the republic. In his opinion, Sortavala has no relation to Finland and should bear the original name of Serdobol. At the same time, Parfenchik proposed to rename Kurkieki to Kuryazh.

The head of the Republic of Karelia Artur Parfenchikov proposed to rename Sortavala. According to the head of the region, it would be more appropriate to call the city Serdobol, reports FederalPress. He announced his proposal during the awarding ceremony of the participants of the SVO.

Anonymous  24/08/23 Чтв 17:32:43 119665
IMG9166.jpeg 6Кб, 259x194
Russia is panicking.

We haven't even started. You can change names even 20 times, it won't change anything. You will be destroyed.
Anonymous  25/08/23 Птн 09:26:33 119687
16792021721060.png 322Кб, 767x496
Last time when Russia was in a panic, it took away half of the country from you. In the next panic attack, she will take away the other half.
Anonymous  25/08/23 Птн 10:17:42 119688
Every time orc writes something he embarrasses himself. Try to get even one thing right next time.
Okay, need some explanation Anonymous  18/08/23 Птн 20:45:17 119138 Ответ
1379149205006.jpg 151Кб, 400x566
I see here massive influx of foreign posters (which is funny tbh because there were never foreigners here before, just proxy russians and butthurt ukrainians from Poland). They mostly post soyjak.

Are you guys refugees from some dead imageboard? I cant quite grasp your story because there are only bits of it here and there in your posts.
I'd be grateful if someone explains shit to me in simple terms like for 56 iq nigger.
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Anonymous  23/08/23 Срд 14:38:21 119619
Yes Russia harrased Napoleon, Hitler and many others before them so much.
Anonymous  23/08/23 Срд 17:57:44 119624
You can burn us alive and shit on the ash. We're all just mortal humans. But you never heal your mental wounds. Every day you shall think about your murdered ancestors, and every night you shall see us in your nightmares.
Anonymous  23/08/23 Срд 18:54:29 119625
Anonymous  23/08/23 Срд 19:56:40 119631
Anonymous  24/08/23 Чтв 00:44:59 119644
Thanks, a lot has changed in the past few days, our altchan has been revived but I’m staying here to post
This is true Anonymous  22/08/23 Втр 16:25:48 119567 Ответ
1582668524262960.jpg 85Кб, 716x1022
This is true
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Anonymous  22/08/23 Втр 23:48:32 119601
Anonymous  23/08/23 Срд 00:01:06 119602
People already skinned niggers in like, the 16th century and determined that they had different skulls and brains from white people.
Anonymous  23/08/23 Срд 00:07:00 119603
MYth-busted.jpg 68Кб, 322x240
Thank you, independent fact-ckecker. Deboonked.
Anonymous  23/08/23 Срд 00:32:17 119605
Anonymous  23/08/23 Срд 07:00:56 119615
>>119567 (OP)
Nice message - you need to gut a nigger for him to become a normal white person)
Why do so few Russians know how to speak English? Is it taught in schools? Anonymous  05/07/23 Срд 17:29:39 116826 Ответ
apu thinkpad co[...].png 1876Кб, 2048x1518
Why do so few Russians know how to speak English? Is it taught in schools?
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Anonymous  09/08/23 Срд 00:03:34 117683
sidaynapliashky[...].gif 68Кб, 320x180
Anonymous  09/08/23 Срд 00:51:12 117685
16862948112141.mp4 292Кб, 976x720, 00:00:02
Anonymous  20/08/23 Вск 04:11:43 119373
Anonymous  22/08/23 Втр 11:44:17 119555
7ce5e58e01d9839[...].jpg 223Кб, 960x684
Anonymous  23/08/23 Срд 00:44:15 119606
NIGER LIBERATION THREAD Anonymous  31/07/23 Пнд 16:08:14 117506 Ответ
VID202307310204[...].mp4 3059Кб, 368x656, 00:00:30
Our NIGER brothers threw off the puppet regime of the French NIGGERS.
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Anonymous  21/08/23 Пнд 05:23:55 119444
Anonymous  21/08/23 Пнд 09:45:33 119454
>>117506 (OP)
Are NIGGERS from NIGGER going to invade NIGGERIA or it is other way around?
Anonymous  21/08/23 Пнд 11:09:58 119457
ilovecobson8mb.mp4 7340Кб, 960x720, 00:01:01
1691529113076-3.mp4 11621Кб, 634x1080, 00:00:43
Anonymous  21/08/23 Пнд 20:34:00 119489
VID202308220031[...].mp4 6182Кб, 854x480, 00:00:41
Hi, niggers.
Anonymous  21/08/23 Пнд 20:56:44 119490
16915314733850.mp4 292Кб, 976x720, 00:00:02
Me on the video Anonymous  21/08/23 Пнд 13:23:23 119463 Ответ
16926130469250.mp4 1090Кб, 326x720, 00:00:13
Me on the video
Will someone Anonymous  16/02/23 Чтв 01:43:00 111945 Ответ
Россия - типичн[...].mp4 11249Кб, 576x1024, 00:00:59
Are someone going to say Russians they live bad because of their own actions as a nation inside their big-shit-trash country ?
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Anonymous  14/08/23 Пнд 15:35:08 117787
MUSLIMS DANCING[...].mp4 4449Кб, 640x360, 00:00:55
Anonymous  14/08/23 Пнд 15:36:44 117788
modern talking([...].mp4 37812Кб, 1080x1080, 00:01:35
The truth is translated clearly.
Anonymous  14/08/23 Пнд 20:06:54 117797
Пошёл на хуй, болезный, со своими стенами текста.
Твоё горе никого не ебёт, иди жалуйся в Спортлото.
Anonymous  18/08/23 Птн 21:32:40 119144
1554331370712.jpg 174Кб, 1280x960
bring up my posts
Anonymous  19/08/23 Суб 01:57:01 119184
60cpV2NLh8.jpg 95Кб, 1125x625
>>111945 (OP)
Nobody's living like this now. Only borderline hobos and very poor people that exist in every country

Bad attempt at Nahr'uk. Meds + sproke + BBC therapy
Hi guys, I'm from Irkutsk, ask me anything Anonymous  22/06/23 Чтв 22:08:47 116055 Ответ
image 679Кб, 1024x682
Hi guys, I'm from Irkutsk, ask me anything
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Anonymous  29/06/23 Чтв 18:40:23 116501
I can't live without my parents, and they don't want to leave
Anonymous  17/08/23 Чтв 18:11:44 118911
>>116055 (OP)
Hi Genodile (I think that was your name on the 'ru), we 'teens have all migrated here now
Anonymous  17/08/23 Чтв 20:54:18 118967
Anonymous  17/08/23 Чтв 21:12:34 118973
>>116055 (OP)
How does it feel to know that all Siberia will be conquered by Barnauloborean aryan chuds
Anonymous  18/08/23 Птн 15:28:09 119073
Hello /int/ I’m a blxck trans latinx xueen Ask me anything Anonymous  18/05/23 Чтв 13:02:46 114820 Ответ
IMG4257.jpeg 136Кб, 696x802
Hello /int/ I’m a blxck trans latinx xueen
Ask me anything
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Anonymous  17/08/23 Чтв 19:31:51 118947
Anonymous  17/08/23 Чтв 19:36:53 118948
Anonymous  17/08/23 Чтв 20:03:10 118958
I think about a million moldovans live in Moscow illegally. Aren't they Romanian as well?
чуд  17/08/23 Чтв 20:08:52 118960
shocked cob.png 35Кб, 721x789
omg red is doing an AMA
Anonymous  18/08/23 Птн 10:05:06 119054
ITT: ukrainians mobilisation escapees refuse to speak Russian, but they don't actually know Ukrainian, so they speak broken English.
Why are so many Russian oligarchs Jews? vekselberg - jew https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viktor&#95;V Anonymous  30/03/23 Чтв 10:23:10 113969 Ответ
Jew kohler.jpg 91Кб, 593x584
Why are so many Russian oligarchs Jews?

vekselberg - jew https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Viktor_Vekselberg

abramovich - jew https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Roman_Abramovich

deripaska - jew https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oleg_Deripaska

rotenberg brothers (both are billionaires) - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Arkady_Rotenberg https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Boris_Romanovich_Rotenberg

fridman - jew https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Fridman

Aven - jew https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Petr_Aven

prokhorov - jew https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mikhail_Prokhorov

prigozhin - jew https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Yevgeny_Prigozhin
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Anonymous  26/04/23 Срд 21:57:52 114548
уличная реклама.jpg 545Кб, 1280x960
theory 1.
jews have hight iq.
in 1939-1945 jews was eliminate in eu, but conserved in Ussr.
when market economic model come to Russia, jews as intelligent people become rich more often, by stolen factory, oil, gold, stolen ships, and sell ships to iron junk..etc.

theory 2.
ZOG . for example government give money for jews, syria , irac to humiliate russians.
Anonymous  17/08/23 Чтв 18:31:40 118927
Anonymous  17/08/23 Чтв 19:06:42 118941
Why do you like kikes so much, answer or we Will dismantle your culture completley
Anonymous  17/08/23 Чтв 19:10:13 118942
>>113969 (OP)
Jews made Soviet Union collapse then annexed the Russian economy, causing hunger and poverty of the 90s

But fear not, comrade. The Great Zhidobor is coming
Anonymous  17/08/23 Чтв 20:10:34 118961
>Why do you like kikes so much
Kikes are very good. They are most idealistic creatures ever. We will help them to drive on. Reality is material, but they're continue to be ideologists. We will just sitting in the cover, looking to how they "ruling the World", and we'll applause them. Yes, go there! Go right there, till the Reality will turn your ideoma's into dust.
Why the Reality will crush them? That's because they will see in future, how the blind following to the noble ideas will bring you to totally nothing. The shock that will engulf them, will make them to fight each other. Then WE will become a peace-makers (world-makers). In Russian language "peace" and "world" are the one word for "мир" (mir)
Yes, I know. I'm drunk. Go home, drunken Ivan.
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